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Prototype Analytics

Analyse how testers are engaging with your prototypes. Ideal for:

  • Validating UX solutions
  • Exploring user behaviour
  • Identify UX and UI issues

Easy for remote testers

Add analytics to your unmoderated prototype tests. Design VS Design allows you to customise the testing experience and capture valuable insights from your interactive prototypes.

Example of Prototype Analytics Test

Beautiful reports for you

Get an overview of all activity in your prototype or inspect engagement for a particular section of a screen. Define goals to measure conversion.

Prototype Analytics Report example

Audience and Segmentation

Import test users by email or steadily build a user panel by testing on Design VS Design.


Boost your prototype for additional participants and a professional review of your test.

A lot of participants

Get Started

Start tracking your prototype interactions with Design VS Design free account. Get our plugin to easily upload tests from Figma.

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