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Design Series

Test a batch of designs against each other to determine the most popular one. Ideal for:

  • Initial exploration with a wide audience
  • Determine the most engaging design

Easy for remote testers

The simple preference test combined with powerful customisation features is ideal for unmoderated testing.

Design Series Example

Beautiful reports for you

Get hard numbers as well as nuanced feedback for each design. We organise your report by your test groups.

Design Series report example

Audience and Segmentation

Import your existing test audience or gradually build a user panel as you test on Design VS Design. We provide you the tools to build and maintain a customer council you can rely on.


Involve more participants by boosting your Design Series and get more diverse results.

A lot of test participants

Get Started

Start testing your designs with a free forever account. Get the Design VS Design Figma plugin to quickly upload from your favourite design tool.

Design VS Design Figma Plugin